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Midsomer Murders

Are you a Midsomer fan ? Would you like to visit a real filming location? Well Barnaby was filmedon location drinking a pint in The Black Horse !! You can stand where he did, maybe even pull a pint of Midsomer Ale !!

Midsomer is a typically British detective drama that has aired on ITV since 1997. The show is based on the books by Caroline Graham as originally adapted by Anthony Horowitz. The current lead character is DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), who works for Causton CID. Dudgeon's character is the younger cousin of former lead character DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles). Dudgeon first appeared as randy gardener Daniel Bolt in the Series 4 Episode "Garden of Death". Dudgeon permanently joined the show in 2011 following Nettles' departure.

The stories revolve around the Barnabys' efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the Fictional Countyof Midsomer. The Barnabys have worked with several different sergeants throughout the run of the show: Sgt Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey), Sgt Dan Scott (John Hopkins), Sgt Ben Jones (Jason Hughes), and currently Sgt Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee).

Next time your catching up with your  Midsomers have a look at the episode 'Death in The Slow Lane' with the new Barnaby played by Neil Dugdeon and watch him follow the murder trail around Caustion (Thame). Maybe even stay with us in our quirky old Inn and see the whole murder trail from our Midsomer room.